Mini Induction Melting Furnace for Gold Platinum Silver Copper

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The desktop mini induction melting furnace, capacity from 1kg-3kg, which takes 1-2 minutes to melt one batch of metal. It comes in a compact design and can be 24 hours continuously working. Also, this metal furnace is highly environmentally friendly, using 5KW power with 220V single phase which saves a lot of energy to deliver the desired results.

It’s highly recommended for small jewelry factory or jewelry workshop, efficient and long lifetime using. Though it’s small device, it fulfills a great job for users.

For 1kg capacity machine, you could melt some platinum or stainless steel by using ceramic crucible. When it’s needed to melt fast for platinum or rhodium by this small machine, it’s recommended to change smaller heating coil with a 500 grams capacity crucible, platinum or rhodium could be easily melted within 1-2 minutes.

For 2kg, 3kg capacity, it only melts gold, silver, copper, etc.

Temperature control device is optional for this machine.

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Hasung Dual Use gold and platinum melting furnace can efficiently and effortlessly melt platinum, silver, gold, palladium and certain alloys.

The compact size of the platinum melting furnace makes it convenient to move about.

Hasung multipurpose gold and platinum melting furnace is also suitable for small scale melting because it melts about 1g to 2kg of metals at once, therefore, small businesses that require melting need not worry about getting a melting furnace that only meets their melting needs.

The power utilization of the platinum melting furnace is 5kw, this means that energy is saved when melting with the platinum melting furnace and you don’t have to worry about extra spending on extra power.

Hasung multipurpose gold and platinum melting furnace can meet the melting needs at a jewelry store, recreational metal diggers, research institutes and recycling old metals.

Hasung multi-purpose gold and platinum melting furnace is environmentally safe to use such that the furnace does not generate harmful gases or make disturbing noise. It is also safe for workers to operate as molten metal spillage does not occur.

The melting time is very fast, the platinum melting furnace melts at 2100℃ within 2 minutes, thereby, increasing your work and production efficiency.

All metals melted with our platinum melting furnace usually have a uniform consistency so that when such metal is cast, it has a high-quality finish.

The electromagnetic induction stirring function present within the platinum melting furnace makes the melting process efficient by transferring heat equally and all parts of the metal are melted evenly. This also means that all heat required for melting is totally utilised within the furnace, hence, no increase in temperature of the melting environment.

The in-built water-cooling system present within the furnace makes the furnace melting temperature to be controlled, thereby preventing overheating.

The induction heating technology present within the platinum melting furnace makes the electromagnetic induction possible, which means that all energy that is required for melting is completely utilized within the melting furnace.

The platinum melting furnace is very easy to operate. The control panel makes it easy for you to control and monitor the melting process.

The Hasung multi-purpose gold and platinum melting furnace is environmentally safe as no heat is caused during use, no gas is released and no noise occurs when melting with the platinum melting furnace.

The melting capacity of any melting surface reaching up to 2100℃ would normally consume excess power, but our gold melting equipment for sale only requires 15kw to begin melting making it cost-effective.

All 8kg melting is done efficiently in 3 minutes, an undefeatable feature of the gold melting equipment for sale. The speed of melting helps you to meet all melting demands faster and more easily.

Gold, silver, bronze, copper, platinum and other alloys can all be melted with our gold melting equipment. This enables you to save money on other melting equipment.

The water pump system present in our gold smelting equipment makes it maintain a normal temperature when melting is ongoing. Thereby, you save money on cooling equipment.

Our gold melting equipment is suitable to melt metals for research and teaching, foundries, recycling metals in jewelry stores, etc.

In respect to its impact on the environment, the noise of the gold and silver melting equipment during the process of melting is relatively low and there is no emission of gas, smoke or dust is also low.

Compared to resistance furnaces and propane burners, Hasung gold melting equipment ensures no loss of metals during the melting process, making our melting equipment more efficient than both resistant furnaces and propane burners.

Our gold and silver melting equipment can work continuously for as long as 24 hours.

The operator of the gold melting equipment has a total control of the melting parameters. Should an error occur, the omni-directional warning system helps to raise alarms when potentially harmful points are reached during melting, thereby ensuring the safety of the user.

Maintenance of the gold and silver melting equipment is easy as the crucibles are detachable and can be cleaned after each melting process.

The power design of the gold melting equipment comes in an integrated compact design that makes it replaceable or easy to locate during maintenance.

Once you purchase the Hasung induction gold furnace for melting gold, silver, copper and other alloys, it serves as an investment because it can last for years, making your cost of production efficient.

Melting with this electric gold furnace is efficient and fast enough to melt all metals within 2 to 4 minutes. The fast melting rate does not affect the quality of melting at all.

The induction heating system of our electric melting furnace for silver and gold makes the crucible to get heated at the same rate, making all energy to.

Technical Parameters

Power Supply 220V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase
Power  5KW
Melting Metals platinum, palladium, stainless steel ,Gold, Silver, Copper alloys Gold, Silver, Copper, alloys
Max. Capacity 500g (Pt) 1kg (Gold) 2kg (Gold) 2kg (Gold)
Melting Time approx. 1-2 Minutes approx. 1-2 Minutes approx. 2-3 Minutes approx. 3-5 Minutes
Max. Temperture 2100°C
Machine  Size 63x36x33cm
Weight approx. 30kg approx. 30kg approx. 31kg approx. 32kg

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