After-sales Service

We pay attention to After-sales service

Hasung's sales engineers are trained professionally to respond in a proactive manner to the needs of customer whenever operational guidance, repairs and maintenance are requested. BUT, at Hasung, engineer for after-sale service is very ease as our machine's premium quality could be used for more than around 6 years or more without any troubles except changing consumables.

Our machines are designed at easy to operate. For a beginner, it's much easier to use our machine rathan than using a complicated machine. After long time using, if repairs comes to our machine, it can be solved quickly and cooperatively by remote assistance via live chat,illustrative images or real-time videos as our machines are modular design.

Hasung, with its responsive customer support, wins extensive trust by many global customers. The most important thing is we have very little after-sale service due to quality machines manufactured by us.