Rotary Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace (VIM) FIM/FPt (Platinum, Palladium Rhodium and Alloys)

Short Description:

FIM/FPt is a vacuum furnace for melting platinum, palladium, rhodium, steel, and high temperature alloys with tilting mechanism.

It can be used to obtain a perfect melting of platinum and palladium alloys without any gas inclusions.

It can melt from a minimum of 500g to a maximum of 10kg of Platinum in minutes.

The melting unit is composed of a water-cooled stainless steel casing in which the case with crucible rotate and an ingot mold for tilting casting.

The melting, homogenization and casting phase can take place under vacuum or in a protective atmosphere.

The furnace is complete with:

  • Double stage rotary vane vacuum pump in oil bath;
  • High precision digital pressure sensor;
  • Optical pyrometer for temperature control;
  • High precision digital vacuum switch for vacuum reading + Display.


  • Vacuum melting technology
  • Manual/Automatic tilting system
  • High melting temperature

Hasung Technology High Temperature Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace Experimental Vacuum Melting Furnace 

Product Features

1. Fast melting speed, the temperature can reach above 2200℃

2. With mechanical stirring function, the material is stirred more evenly

3. Equipped with programmed temperature control, set the heating or cooling curve according to your process requirements, the equipment will automatically heat or cool according to this process

4. With a pouring device, the molten sample can be poured into the prepared ingot mold, and the shape of the sample you want can be poured

5. It can be smelted under various atmosphere conditions: smelting in air, protective atmosphere and high vacuum conditions, buy one kind of equipment, realize various functions; save your cost to a certain extent.

6. With secondary feeding system: It can realize adding other elements during the melting process, which is convenient for you to prepare diversified samples

7. The furnace body is all stainless steel with water cooling to ensure that the temperature of the shell is lower than 35 °C to protect your personal safety


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Technical Parameters

Model No. HS-HVQ1 HS-HVQ2
Power 15KW 30KW
Voltage 380V ; 50/60Hz
Max Temp 2200°C
Melting Time 2  min. 4 min.
Temp Accuracy ±1°C
PID temp control  Yes
Capacity 1kg (Gold) 4kg (Gold)
Application Platinum, Palladium, Gold, silver, copper and other alloys
Cooling type Water chiller(sold separately)
Vacuum Degree German original vacuum pump, vacuum degree 10-2 Pa (Optional)
Shielding Gas Nitrogen/Argon
Operation Method One-key operation to complete the entire process, POKA YOKE foolproof system
Control System Mitsubishi PLC+Human-machine interface intelligent control system (optional)
Dimensions 1776x1665x1960mm
Weight approx. 480kg

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