Mini Gold Silver Bar Vacuum Casting Machine 1KG 2KG

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Why do You Choose Hasung vacuum Gold Bar Casting Machine ?

Hasung Vacuum Ingot Casting machines  (HS-GV1/HS-GV2) is designed for casting 1-2kg quality silver and gold bullions. This casting machine comes with the flexibility on moulds to customize your silver and gold bars, ingots and bullions with any of your designs and sizes.

The inert gas chamber of this gold silver bar casting machine ensures that you have a final casting with premium quality and mirror appearance by completely eliminating all forms of porosity, water waves or shrinkage in your final pieces.

Comparing with the traditional method. Your whole casting process will be done under vacuum and inert gas. Thereby giving your casting products a brilliant quality. With the above features your operators is fully guaranteed to operate our equipment easily.

Hasung’s original components are from well-known domestic and world famous brands like Japan SMC, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and German Schneider, Omron, etc.

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The Mitsubishi PLC control system of this gold bullion casting machine takes charge of all your casting process operations. You’ll only need a few seconds to set up time only, then press start casting for entire operations. Those inert gas and vacuum are fully automatically input and operate in a good condition.

With Hasung gold bar casting machine, you’ll never have to worry about the quality of your ingots as the machine is already approved for the biggest gold mining group in China and we've become its exclusive precious metals equipment supplier.

With the vacuum gold bullion casting machine, you are guaranteed of a high efficiency casting in your power consumption. 30kW power gives you 6-8 minutes overall casting for each batch. The machine's powerful induction generator can heat up your precious metal to any desired melting temperature. Using world famous brands such as Mitsubishi, Panasonic, SMC, Schneider components.
Safety was considered as a key factor during the design of the Hasung gold bar casting equipment. The vacuum is the second important factor for such a device as it guarrantes the quality of gold silver ingots.
The machine could also easily detect when there is a system overvoltage or shortage or water-shortage, these are basic safety required for our machines.
Hasung vacuum gold bar casting system (HS-GV) when compared with the other competitors in China. The machine is equipped with more and more worlds the most famous brands components and most advanced induction heating technology in the mechanical engineering industry.

Technical Parameters

Model No. HS-GV1 HS- GV2
Manual Opening Cover Gold Bullion Vacuum Casting Machine
Power Supply 380V ,50/60Hz
Power Input 30KW 30KW
Max Temp 1600°C
Casting Time 6 mins. 8 mins.
Shielding Gas Argon / Nitrogen
Temperature Accuracy ±1°C
Capacity 1pcs 1kg or 2pcs 0.5kg or more. 2pcs 1kg or 4pcs 0.5kg or more.
Application Gold, Silver (Platinum,Palladium customized)
Vacuum High quality vacuum pump / German Vacuum Pump, Vacuum degree-100KPA
Operation method One-key operation to complete the entire process, POKA YOKE foolproof system
Control system Mitsubishi PLC+Human-machine interface intelligent control system (optional)
Cooling type Water chiller(sold separately) or Running water
Dimensions 1150x680x880mm 1150x680x880mm
Weight 200KG 200KG

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