High Vacuum Granulating System for Gold Silver Copper 20kg 50kg 100kg

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High vacuum granulator granulates precious metal particles for casting bonding wire: gold, silver and copper, bonding wire is mainly used for semiconductor materials, photovoltaic welding materials, medical equipment, artificial intelligence machines.Also these high vacuum metal shotmakers are developed especially for granulating bullions, sheet metal, or scraps into proper grains. The granulating tanks are very easy to remove for cleaning. The HS-VGR High Vacuum Granulating Machines are available with crucible capacity from 20kg up to 100kg. The body materials are using 304 stainless steel which ensures the quality for long lifetime using, also with modular design to fulfill quality required.

Major applications:
1. Preparation of alloys out of gold and master alloy
2. Preparation of alloy components
3. Preparation of alloys from components
4. Cleaning up of already casted metal
5. Making metal grains for precious metal deals

The VGR series was developed for the production of metal granules with a grain size of between 1.5 mm and 4mm. The systems are based on the Hasung granulation units, but all key components, particularly the jet system, are special developments.

The big capacity such as 100kg vacuum granulating system is optional to be equipped with individual Mitsubishi PLC Touch Panel control system.

The optional equipment of vacuum pressure or a continuous casting machine with a granulating tank is a suitable solution for occasional granulating. Granulating tanks are available for all machines in the VC series.

The main advantages of the new generations of shotmaker:
1. Easy installation of the granulating tank
2. Fast-changing between casting process and granulating
3. Ergonomically and perfectly balanced design for safe and easy handling
4. Optimized streaming behavior of the cooling water
5. Reliable separation of water and granules
6. The most powerful and efficient for precious metals refining groups.
7. Energy saving, speedy melting.

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The vacuum granulator uses inert gas to protect the smelting metal. After the smelting is completed, the molten metal is poured into the water tank under the pressure of the upper and lower chambers. In this way, the metal particles we obtain are more uniform and have better roundness.

Secondly, because the vacuum pressurized granulator is protected by inert gas, the metal is casted in the condition of completely isolating the air, so the surface of the casted particles is smooth, free of oxidation, no shrinkage, and extremely high gloss.

Precious metal vacuum granulator, including a crucible for holding metal and a heating device for heating the crucible; a sealing chamber is provided outside the crucible; the sealing chamber is provided with a vacuum tube and an inert gas tube; the sealing chamber is provided with a chamber door for easy metal insertion and a cover plate; the bottom of the crucible is provided with a bottom hole for the outflow of the metal solution; the bottom hole is provided with a graphite stopper; the upper part of the graphite stopper is connected with an electric push rod for driving the graphite stopper to move up and down; a turntable is arranged below the bottom hole; A driving device is connected; a cooling water tank is arranged under the turntable for cooling the metal droplets falling from the turntable; the turntable and the cooling water tank are located in the sealed chamber; the side wall of the cooling water tank is provided with a cooling water inlet and a cooling water outlet; The cooling water inlet is located in the upper part of the cooling water tank, and the cooling water outlet is located in the lower part of the cooling water tank. The formed metal particles are relatively uniform in size. The surface of the metal particles is not easy to be oxidized, and the inside of the metal particles is not easy to generate pores.

Hasung Vacuum Shotmaker Compare To Other Companies

1. It's a Big different. Our vacuum shot maker applies high vacuum degree vacuum pump and vaccum sealing is much tight which enables good casting grains.

2.  Stainless steel body ensures high quality materials, external beautiful design utilize ergonomic design. Internal electrical equipment and components are modular designed.

3. Hasung original parts are from well-known Japan and German brands.

4. Pay attention to every detailed part's quality.

Technical Parameters

Model No. HS-VGR20 HS-VGR30 HS-VGR50 HS-VGR100
Voltage 380V 50/60Hz; 3 phases
Power  30KW  30KW       /        60KW
Capacity (Au) 20kg 30kg 50kg 100kg
Application metals Gold, Silver, Copper, Alloy
Casting time 10-15 min. 20-30 min.
Maximum temperature 1500 ℃ (degrees celsius)
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Control type Mitsubishi PID control system / Mitsubishi PLC Touch panel
Casting grain size 1.50 mm - 4.00 mm
Vacuum Pump High level quality vacuum pump / Germany vacuum pump 98kpa (Optional)
Shielding gas Nitrogen/Argon
Machine Size 1250*980*1950mm
Weight Approx. 700kg

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HS-VGR vacuum granulator
HS-VGR Vacuum granulating machine
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