Granulating Machine for Gold Silver Copper Alloy 10kg 50kg

Short Description:

1. With temperature control, accuracy up to ±1°C.

2. Ultra-human design, the operation is simpler than others.

3. Use imported Mitsubishi controller.

4. Silver Granulator with tempterature control (Gold Silver Grains Casting Machine, Silver Granulating Machine).

5. This machine adopts IGBT advanced heating technology, the casting effect is very good, the system is stable and safe, molten gold capacity is optional, and the granulated metal specification is optional.

6. The granulation speed is fast and no noise. Perfect advanced testing and protection functions make the whole machine safe and durable.

7. The machine has a split design and the body has more free space.

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The standard granulating unit is designed as melting unit with a water tank for collecting dropped metal liquids. The water tank is easily moving in and out with 4 wheels at the bottom.

The melting chamber is eqiupped with air lifting for graphite stopper while casting. The system comes with temperate control device. Temperature tolerance is ±1°C. The system is using world famous brands components which is to ensure the first-class quality for users.

Technical Parameters

Model No. HS-GS6 HS-GS10 HS-GS30 HS-GS50 HS-GS100
Voltage 380V 3 phases; 50/60Hz
Power Supply 8KW 15KW 30KW 60KW
Max Temp 1500°C
Melting Time 3-5 min. 6-10 min. 10-15 min. 15-20 min. 20-30 min.
Shielding Gas Argon / Nitrogen
Temp Accuracy ±1°C
Capacity (Gold) 6kg 10kg 30kg 50kg 100kg
Application  Gold, K gold, silver, copper and other alloys
Operation method One-key operation to complete the entire process, POKA YOKE foolproof system
Cooling type Water chiller(sold separately) or Running water
Dimensions 1400*650*700mm 1400*650*700mm 1400*650*700mm 1500*650*700mm 1500*650*700mm
Weight approx. 120kg approx. 120kg approx. 150kg approx. 200kg approx. 250kg

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  • The consumables are

    1. graphite crucible

    2. ceramic shield

    3. graphite stopper

    4. graphite blocker