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Why do You Choose Hasung Vacuum Gold Bar Casting Machine ?

Hasung Vacuum Bullion Casting Machines compares to other companies

1. It’s a Big different. other companies vacuum are controlled by time. They are not real vacuum. They just pump it symbolically. When they stop pumping, it is not a vacuum, easily leak out. Ours pumps to the setting vacuum level and can maintain the vacuum for a long time.

2. In other words, what they have are the vacuum setting time.

For example, adding inert gas after one minute or 30 seconds is automatic. If it does not reach the vacuum, it will be converted to inert gas. It is In fact, the inert gas and the air are fed at the same time. It is not a vacuum at all. The vacuum cannot be maintained for 5 minutes. Hasung can maintain a vacuum for more than twenty hours.

3. We are not the same. We have drawn a vacuum. If you stop the vacuum pump,it can still maintain the vacuum. For a certain period of time,we will reach the set After setting the value,it can automatically switch to the next step and add inert gas.

4. Hasung the original parts are well-known brands from Japan, France and Germany.

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1. Intelligent Vacuum Gold Bar Casting:

1).Presssing one key-- Automatic close the cover--Automatic casting and cooling--Automatic open the cover--

2).Take out the Shiny gold Bar

2.Operation method: One-key operation to complete the entire process, POKA YOKE foolproof system.

3. Control system:Mitsubishi PLC+Human-machine interface intelligent control system (optional).

4. Using German high-frequency heating technology, automatic frequency tracking and multiple protection technologies, it can be melted in a short time, energy saving, and high work efficiency.

5. The closed type/channel type + vacuum/inert gas protection melting chamber can prevent the oxidation of molten raw materials and the mixing of impurities. This equipment is suitable for the casting of high-purity metal materials or elemental metals that are easily oxidized.

6. Adopt closed/channel type + vacuum/inert gas to protect the melting chamber, melting and cooling are performed at the same time, the time is halved and the production efficiency is increased.

7. Melting in an inert gas environment, the oxidation loss of the carbon mold is almost negligible.

8. With the electromagnetic stirring function under the protection of inert gas, there is no segregation in color.

9. It adopts Mistake Proofing (anti-fool) automatic control system, which is easier to use.

10. Using Weinview / Siemens PLC control system, air inlet is automatically controlled.

11. HS-GV4, HS-GV15 HS-GV30 gold and silver ingot forming equipment/full-automatic production line is independently developed and manufactured with advanced technical level products for the smelting and casting of gold, silver, copper and other alloys.

12. This casting equipment uses Weinview / Siemens PLC program control system, SMC/AirTec pneumatic and Panasonic servo motor drive and other domestic and foreign brand components.

13. Melting, electromagnetic stirring, and refrigeration in a closed/channel + vacuum/inert gas protection melting room, so that the product has the characteristics of no oxidation, low loss, no porosity, no segregation in color, and beautiful appearance.

Technical Parameters

Model No. HS-GV4 HS-GV15 HS-GV30
Automatic Opening Cover Gold Bar Vacuum Casting Machine
Power Supply 380V ,50/60Hz
Power Input 50KW 65KW 80KW
Max Temp 1500°C
Overal Casting Time 10-12mins. 12-15mins. 15-20mins.
Shielding Gas Argon / Nitrogen
Program for different bars Available
Capacity 4kg : 4 pcs 1kg, 8pcs 0.5kg or more. 15kg : 1pcs 15kg, or 5pcs 2kg or more 30kg : 1pcs 30kg, or 2pcs 15kg or more
Application Gold,Silver,Platinum,Palladium (When by Pt, Pd, customized)
Vacuum Pump High quality vacuum pump/German Vacuum Pump, Vacuum degree-100KPA
Operation method One-key operation to complete the entire process, POKA YOKE foolproof system
Control system Weinview / Siemens PLC +Human-machine interface intelligent control system (optional)
Cooling type Water chiller(sold separately) or Running water
Dimensions 1150x680x1060mm 1150x680x1060mm 1250x680x1060mm
Weight 350KG 360KG 400KG

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