Project Cases

 At May. 2017, we delivered a 10kg platinum-rhodium alloy high vacuum smelting equipment and 100kg water atomization pulverizing equipment to a precious metal refining company in North Korea.

At August. 2021, we delivered a 2kg vacuum gold bar casting equipment and a coin minting production line to them. Later, we continuesly provided them continous casting machine and vacuum granulators.

It is generally recognized that North Korea has relatively little interaction with the outside world. When Hasung received orders from North Korean customers, it was also surprised that North Korea ’s metal smelting industry developed rapidly. During the communication with North Korean customers, it fully understood the requirements and required vacuum ingot equipment. The operation is simple, the sealing is strong, and the production rate of the granulation equipment is required to be more than 90%.

After confirming the demand, Hasung responded quickly, and passed repeated debugging and testing to ensure the quality of the finished product. The equipment was delivered on schedule. Within a few years after delivery, the equipment failure rate was extremely low, from customer’s feedback, it’s zero trouble, and there’s no record of repairs. Coordinated solution.


Post time: Jul-04-2022