Tilting Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine for Platinum Palladium Gold Silver Steel

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Hasung Precious Metals Equipment advantages

The product has uniform color and no segregation:

The porosity is reduced, and the density is higher and constant, reducing post-processing work and reducing loss.

Better material fluidity and mold filling, lower enthusiasm risk:

Vibration improves material flow, and the material structure is more compact. Improve shape filling and reduce the risk of hot cracks

The grain size is reduced to 50%:

Solidify with a finer and more uniform structure

Better and more stable material properties:

The tensile strength and elasticity are increased by 25%, and the subsequent processing performance is improved.

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Intelligent jewellery vacuum tilting pressure casting system is specially designed by Shenzhen Hasung Precious Metals Equipment Co. , Ltd, we produce precious metals casting and melting equipment with first class quality in China.

Using high-frequency heating technology, automatic frequency tracking and multiple protection technologies, it can be melted in a short time, energy saving and environmental protection, and high work efficiency.

The MC2 to MC4 are extremely versatile casting machines suitable for a wide range of applications, and a number of options that were considered mutually incompatible up to now. Thus, while the MC series was originally designed as a high-temperature casting system for casting steel, palladium, platinum etc. (max. 2,100° C), large flasks also make it suitable for economically producing castings in gold, silver, copper, and other materials.

The machine combines a dual-chamber differential pressure system with a tilting mechanism. The casting process is achieved by rotating the entire melting casting unit by 90°. One benefit of the tilting system is the use of economically priced graphite or ceramic crucibles (without holes and sealing rods). These tend to have a longer service life. Some alloys, such as copper beryllium, quickly cause crucibles with holes and sealing rods to become untight and therefore useless. For this reason, many jewellers have so far processed such alloys only in open systems. But this means they can’t choose to optimise the process with overpressure or vacuum.

With the MC series, A vacuum can be produced in the melting chamber and the casting chamber to avoid oxidation processes during melting and air pockets in the casting mould. The flask is automatically pressed against the melting chamber for casting, this makes it possible to switch to overpressure during casting for better mould filling. Melting chamber comes with positive pressure, casting chamber comes with negative pressure with vacuum.

Hasung Vacuum Machine Compare To Other Companies

1. It's a Big different. the other tilting type vacuum castig system by other companies in China are equipped with only one chamber, all pressure and vacuum are mixed inside.

2. When it's needed for large capacity casting for stainless steel, platinum and gold, Hasung MC series fullfil most of customers' wishes.

3. Hasung's original accessories are imported from Japan and Germany.

4. New generator system controlled via Mitsubishi PLC display. A completely new generation of generator and control systems is present in the MC series. Operation is simple and safe. All parameters, can be individually set and saved to ensure that recurring castings always produce consistent results.

Technical Parameters

Model No. HS-MC2 HS-MC3 HS-MC5
Voltage 380V, 50/60Hz, 3 phases
Power Supply 15KW 15KW 30KW
Max. Temperature 2100°C
Temp Accuracy ±1°C
Casting pressure 0.1-0.3Mpa (adjust.)
Capacity (Pt) 1kg 2kg 5kg (SS) / 10kg (Pt)
Max. Flask size 5"x6" 5"x8" Customized
Application Platinum, Palladium, Stainless steel, Gold, silver, copper and other alloys
Operation method One-key operation to complete the entire process, POKA YOKE foolproof system
Control System Mitsubishi PLC+Human-machine interface intelligent control system
Shielding Gas Nitrogen/Argon
Cooling type Running Water or Water chiller (Sold separately)
Dimensions 600x550x1080mm 650x550x1280mm 680x600x1480mm
Weight approx. 160kg approx. 200kg approx. 250kg

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HS-TVC auto pressure casting machine

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