Because it comes from the Whenever we see jewelry shining, a variety of shapes and styles perfectly deduce beauty, fashion and classics. In fact, every piece of jewelry has to go through many processes, such as design, production, polishing, polishing, etc. each of these steps requires fine operation. It’s not easy for a piece of jewelry to be completed by so many processes, which leads to labor costs.

In many of our jewelry, we often see that there are many patterns, lines, surface frosting, etc. on the jewelry. Every jewelry is infused with the soul of the designer and manufacturer. Do you know what this process is?

1. Patterning process

The embossing process can add exquisite patterns to the jewelry, make the jewelry more three-dimensional and layered, and the surface is bright and shining, and the combined pattern is stronger. Gold, K-gold and platinum jewelry, mainly based on car flower technology, are very popular with people with strong personality.


2. Polishing process

The polishing process makes the surface of jewelry look more mirror like and can show bright metallic luster. Polished K-gold, platinum and gold jewelry look more brilliant.

 Sand blasting process

Sandblasting technology can make the jewelry more rich in texture and delicate and soft rough surface, and more hazy and soft. At present, most gold jewelry and K-gold jewelry on the market will use sandblasting technology to enhance the artistic beauty of jewelry.

4. Sand nailing process

Each concave and convex surface of the sand nailing process is a reflection point. The sand nailing surface forms a bright shining effect of stars in the sky. The sand surface is thicker, has a fine grain feeling, and the luster is more brilliant. Compared with sand blasting, the surface of jewelry under the nail sanding process is more rough, but the refractive surface is more, and it looks very shiny. Many gold jewelry will use nail sanding and polishing, one rigid and one soft, highlighting the three-dimensional and hierarchical feeling of the product. The nail sanding process is one of the most common surface treatment processes in the market at present.

5. Sand pushing process

The sanding surface forms a silky fine and soft matte effect. Use sandpaper to push and pull on the gold surface to form a matte sanding surface.

6. Laser

Laser laser is a continuous laser beam with high energy generated by a laser generator, which locally irradiates the workpiece with high energy density laser, and converts the light energy into heat energy, which makes the surface material melt instantaneously, and even vaporizes the surface material or changes its color, thus forming a graphic mark.

Post time: Sep-01-2022