1. Strengthen the daily maintenance of equipment to prevent false and missed maintenance

The maintenance work must be enforced and linked with the enterprise’s reward and punishment system to reward the good and punish the bad and mobilize the enthusiasm of the construction personnel. Do a good job in maintenance. The maintenance work should be started from the source to prevent the replacement of maintenance by repair.

2. Strengthen daily patrol inspection of equipment

Special personnel shall be arranged to carry out patrol inspection of equipment points, and record the equipment operation conditions in detail through the intelligent handheld terminal, including the daily operation conditions, operation time and maintenance times of the equipment, so as to analyze and judge the possible faults of the equipment and eliminate the potential faults in a timely and accurate manner.

3. The management and monitoring of equipment shall be strengthened

The equipment management personnel shall master the situation, understand the equipment performance, make scientific and reasonable maintenance plans according to the advantages and disadvantages of the equipment performance and the resource allocation of the enterprise, and manage and monitor the maintenance activities and procurement activities to avoid unnecessary waste of funds.

4. Establish and improve the mechanical equipment repair and maintenance system
Emphasize the role of equipment management and improve the data statistics system. The incoming and outgoing conditions of mechanical equipment, equipment operation conditions, performance indicators and repair and maintenance conditions shall be recorded in detail, so that one machine and one book can be checked.

Post time: Sep-01-2022