Continuous Casting Machine for Gold Silver Copper Alloy

Short Description:

The design of this equipment system is based on the actual needs of the project and process, using modern high-tech technology.

1. Using German high-frequency heating technology, automatic frequency tracking and multiple protection technologies, it can be melted in a short time, energy saving and environmental protection, and high work efficiency.

2. The closed type + inert gas protection melting chamber can prevent the oxidation of molten raw materials and prevent the mixing of impurities. This equipment is suitable for the casting of high-purity metal materials or easily oxidized elemental metals.

3. Using a closed + inert gas protection melting chamber, melting and vacuuming are performed at the same time, the time is halved, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

4. Melting in an inert gas environment, the oxidation loss of the carbon crucible is almost negligible.

5. With the electromagnetic stirring function under the protection of inert gas, there is no segregation in color.

6. It adopts Mistake Proofing (anti-fool) automatic control system, which is easier to use.

7. Using PID temperature control system, the temperature is more accurate (±1°C). The HS-CC series continuous casting equipment is independently developed and manufactured with advanced technology and is dedicated to the melting and casting of gold, silver, copper and other alloys strips, rods, sheets, pipes, etc.

8. This equipment uses Mitsubishi PLC program control system, SMC pneumatic and Panasonic servo motor drive and other well-known brand components at home and abroad.

9. Melting, electromagnetic stirring, and refrigeration in a closed + inert gas protection melting room, so that the product has the characteristics of no oxidation, low loss, no pores, no segregation in color, and beautiful appearance.

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Technical Parameters

Model No. HS-CC1 HS-CC2 HS-CC3 HS-CC4  HS-CC8 HS-CC20 HS-CC30 HS-CC50 HS-CC100
Voltage 220V Single phases 380V 50/60Hz,3 phase
Power 5KW 8KW 15KW 30KW 30KW/60KW  60KW
Max. Temp. 1500°C
Melting speed  2-3 mins. 3-5mins. 3-5mins. 10-15mins. 20-25mins 15-25mins
Capacity (Gold) 1kg 2kg 4kg 4kg 8kg 20kg 50kg 100kg 100kg
Suitable for K-Gold,Gold, silver, copper
Maximum flasks diameter can be customized
Operation method One-key operation to complete the entire process, POKA YOKE foolproof system
control system Mitsubishi PLC+Human-machine interface intelligent control system (optional)
Vacuum (Optional) High quality vacuum pump/Original German vacuum pump -98Kpa
Dimensions 680x880x1530mm 1080x980x1850mm
Weight 150KG 150KG 180KG 200KG 240KG 280KG 480KG 550KG 650KG

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HS-CC Continuous casting machines (1)
HS-CC Continuous casting machines (2)

Wire Processing Equipment 

Wire Continuous Rolling Mill for Gold Silver Copper

photobank (9)
HS-3001--- (2)

Model No.: HS-3000

Rolling mill Machine Wire Drawing Machine for Gold Silver Chain Wire

It has a fully automatic 12-axis speed adjustment system to ensure that there is no slippage in the middle of each roll, and the working speed is continuously adjusted. The staff only needs to pass the material through each roller in the order of the rollers at one time, without adjusting the lifting roller. It is used for precious metals wire processing, widely used for metal wires manufacturing industry.
380V, 50Hz, 3 Phases
Roller diameter
96mm(Roller material: SKD11)
Roller quantity
 12 pairs
Processing material range
 input 8.2x8.2mm; output 3.5x3.5mm  or  input 3.5x3.5mm; output 1.0x1.0mm
Max rolling speed
 45 m/min. (925 silver: approx. 4.9kg)
Weight: approx
Control system
 frequency speed control, motor drive rolling
Wire collection way
Sagging Gravity take-up
Material cooling
 Spray lubricating fluid cooling
Gold, K-gold, Silver, Copper, alloy.

Heavy Duty Wire Drawing Machine for Gold Silver Copper

HS-1126 wire drawing machine

Model No.: HS-1126

It is a heavy duty type wire drawing system, application for gold, silver, copper, etc.
Drawing ability up to 8mm, minimum size could be 0.2mm. It is used for precious metals wire processing, widely used for metal wires manufacturing industry.
380V, 50Hz, 3 Phases
Power 5.5KW*2
Drawing wire diameter 0.2-8mm
Roller hardness 60-62 HRC 
Processing material range gold, K-gold, Silver, Copper, alloy, etc
Max rolling speed 32m/min.
Motor speed 36rpm/min.  (speed control)
Dimensions  1900x800x1400mm
Weight: approx approx. 900kg
Wire collection device Included
Material cooling Spray water cooling

8HP Double Head Electric Wire Rolling Mill (double speed)


Heavy duty type double head wire rolling mill machine is applied for jewellery factories and precious metals industry. It is equipped with wire winding device. Easily for wire manufacturers.

For jewellery factories, mostly they use it making wires, then making many types of link chains for gold and silver, copper materials. Wire and sheet sizes could be customized by this machine according to requests.

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HS-D8HP  (4)
Model No.
380V, 50/60Hz
diameter 130/120 × width 188mm
Roller hardness
60-61 °
1080 × 1180 × 1480mm
Approx. 850kg
Additional function
automatic lubrication; gear transmission
Rolling 0.9-10.5mm square wire; double speed; smooth surface of the wire, accurate size, no low front loss; automatic take-up;
electrostatic dusting of the frame, decorative hard chromium

12 Pass Wire Drawing Machine

The wire drawing machine, also called wire passing machine, it is used for reducing wire sizes. This machine equipped with 12 pass which allows you to put 12 wire dies at a time. The capability for this machine is from maximum 1.2mm to minimum 0.1mm. It is a necessary machine for ewelry chain manufacturing plant. It is also used for other precious metal wires manufacturing purposes.

photobank (1)
photobank (6)
Model No.
380V  3 phase , 50/60Hz
Fastest Speed
55 meters / minute
1.2mm - 0.1mm
Cooling way
Automatic liquid cooling
Wire moulds
customized (sold separately)
Machine size
Approx. 350kg

Sheet Processing Equipment

10HP Sheet Rolling Mill

HS-10HP 8HP 800px 2 (1)
Brand Name HASUNG
Voltage 380V 50/60Hz, 3 phases
Power 5.5KW 7.5KW
Roller diameter 130/120 × width 248mm  diameter 150 × width 220mm
hardness 60-61 °
Dimensions 980×1180×1480mm 1080x 580x1480mm
Weight approx. 600kg approx. 800kg
Capability Maximum Rolling thickness is up 25mm Maximum Rolling thickness is up to 35mm
Advantage The frame is electrostatically dusted, the body is plated with decorative hard chrome, and the stainless steel cover is beautiful and practical without rust.                      single-speed / double speed
After Warranty Service Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts, Field maintenance and repair service

Tungsten Carbide Mirror Surface Sheet Rolling Mill

HS-M5HP 800x800px 8
Model No.
Brand Name
380V  3 phases; 50/60hz
Tungsten Roller size
diameter 90 × width 60mm
diameter 90 × width 90mm
diameter 100 × width 100mm
diameter 120 × width 100mm
92-95 °
imported tungsten steel billet
880×580× 1400mm
880×580× 1400mm
880×580× 1400mm
approx. 450kg
approx. 450kg
approx. 480kg
With lubrication, gear drive; Rolling sheet thickness 10mm, thinnest 0.1mm; extruded sheet metal surface mirror effect; static powder spraying on the frame, decorative hard chrome plating, stainless steel

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